Friday, July 20, 2012

The little black number take2

photo photo photo THis is such a long overdue post!! TOok these pictures weeks before i changed my hair color!1 Yes you guys heard it right, im in a process of changing my hair into that platinium silver color!! THey say its a two time process..Im done with the first one where im left with overly blonde hair..Those who follow me on twitter or instagram definitely know how pale i look with this color!! Cant wait to go back in two weeks for the last processing!! Nways its the sequel of my previous post, where i took the same dress and paired it with a jeans jacket and the boots...VERY relaxing and effortless!! see ya all soon with my new post and my new hair color!! great weekend 


  1. love the denim jacket!!! :) i've been looking for this kind of jacket!! but i think, it's not for me :(

  2. OOOO i can't wait to see the final product. I saw your facebook with the blond hair and it looks good but def can't wait to see the silver :) Loving the denim jacket I"m looking for one and a denim vest as well.

  3. I love black numbers. Awesome hair saw you on insta :-)


    Fashion Nostalgia

  4. That dress is amazing! Can't wait to see your new hair colour :) x

    The Lovelorn