Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Theres nth for you

This vintage fur has become my winter blanket..i wear it everyday and everywhere i can...its jst so warm and cozy and the plus thing i dont hab to layer up...i can jst wear a peice undernaeth...Seriously today i really dont hab anything to share or to talk abt..well i hope all u lovelies are habin fab weekdays....and yes keep those love, comments and emails keep on coming..they mean a lot to me... A BIG THANK YOU!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

My little world

At UO taking my own picture !!
Vintage fur and hat, thrifted dress, Steve madden booties
OMG!! i almost made my flat nose more flat(I Know we asians hab flat nose) when i fell on the ice on my ass...Went ice skating with my brother, who jst came here from Nepal jst took him to show around NY!! I mean i dont know how to ice skate but thought i would give it a shot and seriously it seemed pretty easy when i saw people skating so gracefully ..but when i stepped on the ice..i could literally stand and my brother took me around holding my hand but i fell down on my ass...AND it still does hurt..BUt nways it was finished off the day with some shopping and some korean food and shots of soju..I hope everyone is habing a good day and hopefully the new year is turning out good for everyone..Mine so far is pretty good..crossing my fingers so that 2011 turns out to be a fruitful for my life ..
And before signing out Thank you all Lovely people for ur amazing sweet comments and love ..u guys are amazing

Saturday, January 1, 2011

The new beginning

(steve madded booties,UO shorts, random tee, Thrifted sweater)
Finally my Super santa(my BFF) is here and he got me canon DSLR!! its amazing..New year eve i jst had home made dinner with my BFF but today i took him to the natural history of museum.. and we went to this amazing mexican place for brunch called FRIDA cafe and it was AMAZING..The best guacamole ever..People anyone who comes to upper west side NY should try this place...I hope all u amazing lovelies are habing a NEW YEAR and keeping up with all ur RESOLUTIONS and plans..For me the Main and the utmost resolution for this year is to forget my X and to move on...
Once again HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011