Monday, January 3, 2011

My little world

At UO taking my own picture !!
Vintage fur and hat, thrifted dress, Steve madden booties
OMG!! i almost made my flat nose more flat(I Know we asians hab flat nose) when i fell on the ice on my ass...Went ice skating with my brother, who jst came here from Nepal jst took him to show around NY!! I mean i dont know how to ice skate but thought i would give it a shot and seriously it seemed pretty easy when i saw people skating so gracefully ..but when i stepped on the ice..i could literally stand and my brother took me around holding my hand but i fell down on my ass...AND it still does hurt..BUt nways it was finished off the day with some shopping and some korean food and shots of soju..I hope everyone is habing a good day and hopefully the new year is turning out good for everyone..Mine so far is pretty good..crossing my fingers so that 2011 turns out to be a fruitful for my life ..
And before signing out Thank you all Lovely people for ur amazing sweet comments and love ..u guys are amazing


  1. that dress is so chic & i love the booties you paired it with. your watch however, is absolutely stunning - whos it by?
    & how i reckon its heaps cool how in winter heaps of people in american wear those felt hats around! it really suits you.
    unlucky with the bumps & bruises from ice skating, itd be so much fun in nyc though!x

  2. I love what you are wearing!
    So stylish and fashion!
    I wonder is you don't get nice comments on the streets are streetphotographers who ask a pictures of you.
    Does that happen?
    I would have taken a picture of you ^___^


  3. love your hat!


  4. Love the coat and the hat so much!

  5. Cute outfit. It's great that u tried out ice skating. It does get easier with practice... It's hard to balance for the first few tries. If you go again, wear layers to pad the landings :)

  6. Beautiful outfit, especially the dress and the fur coat. I used to go ice skating when I was little, but now I think I'll fall flat on my face if I try it! xx

  7. LOVE your outfit! Love the paleness of it with the black tights. I also love how delicate your dress looks.

  8. I loved the pictures.
    What a lovely hat.

  9. I love your style girl and you are beautiful! :) I hope to see you in my blog and if you like it,we can follow each other ^^

  10. Love your fashion style maybe we can follow each other?

  11. WOW, just discovered your blog and I really like it! You got a new follower! ;)

  12. LOOOVE IT. following u girl, follow me back?? bisous ma belle.

  13. GREAT pics, I love this look! You're gorgeous!

    x Christine

  14. you have a nice blog!
    you look gorgeous! love your look so much.
    I'm following your blog! :)

  15. Love this outfit! The hat, the fur, the look fab.!

  16. Hey gorgeous. I wants such a hat, they are so beautiful and feminine, and oh my gosh how well it suits you and that beautiful face of yours! Have a nice day sweetie!

    Love Iben

  17. I am so in love with your sheer top! So jealous!

    Btw, your hair looks fantastic. Very, very sexy :)

    Ninin of the two miss fits

  18. I really admire your style girl. Love the fur and hats-just like me! I just wanted to stop by and thank you for visiting my blog. I would love to follow you and would greatly appreciate it if you followed me too.

  19. Oh cute look!!
    i recently went ice skating and it's surprising how hard it really is!!!

  20. Thank you for the comment in my blog! I stopped by to say how much i love furs/dresses/hats combination!You are lucky to be in NYC.Here in Florida it's almost impossible to wear furs.beijossss
    Following you !

  21. I heat your floppy hat big time. I have been looking for a perfect ones for ages.. xx following you now darling.