Monday, April 25, 2011

boxed my heart and hid it somewhere, so that noone could steal it

vintage dress and hat, steve madden shoes,vintage and nepal jewelry

For some reason i jst get attracted to clothes, shoes anything related to fashion or personal style that is always avant garde or smth unusual and over the top...this is one of that dress...well when my brother was taking my picture he was mocking me the whole time that im wearing a bed sheet..but seriously trust me its one amazing vintage dress...amazing drape., cocoon shape and amazingly the dress does hab those string attached underneath so that it gives u the tiny shilloutte in ur waist..i mean even in the pictures these looks big..but in person its jst total different scenario..i wish these pictures did justice to this amazing dress..and seriously isnt the print A AMAZING!!
i know i do sound crazy ....hope u guys habing amazing week ahead..Happy MONDAY!!
Thankx my amazing readers..

Friday, April 22, 2011

i would always want to see u happy

shawl frm NEPAL, random night slip, gifted shoes and my vintage hat
i think finally i gpt my cousin these are jst some test shots but i like them,.,way much better than i take them using my tripod and so much convenient and easier...i wish u guys an amazing weekend....thanks my lovelies!!
P.S..i look like 4 months pregnant.result of eating chinese and right after taking pictures....opsie daisy!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

in the end everything does make a sense

Thrifted pants, steve madden shoes,my handmade necklace and some random sunnies
Does these pants remind you guys of hippie fun era.... love love the color , the lacey see through fabric and awesomely it has shorts attached to it....Im jst dying it to be summer so i could rock these pants with some simple white tank top and may be some headands..and theres no way any one could miss saying that i am born decades after the HIPPE era!! but isnt summer all about having fun with fashion... colors....experimenting personal style ...and jst being carefree and feeling comfortable abt potraying urself through ur fashion!!!
Im definitely ready to explore new side of my fashion and hopefuly its gonna bring better out of so greateful to you guys for all ur love and support..Thankx guys...Have an amazing week..
much love

Monday, April 18, 2011

one year less younger!!

zara dress,thrifted sweater and my handmade necklace
lately i hab been making these cord necklaces every once in a while..all my frens think i should sell them in etsy..but im jst not too sure how well they would go..coz these i jst make it when i urge to wear statement jewelry but thats unusual too....well i feel like i should give it a shot..but still im not sure yet...besides all this last week was my bday...and definitely i feel older but yes a lot wiser..which im loving it...
i hope all u lovelies had amazing weekend..
thankx a ton for all ur loves!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

one step at a time

bill blass jacket, random night slip worn as dress, bakers boots, vintage jewelry and my handmade necklace
Finally it feels like summer is here in NY after harsh April showers.The night slip im wearing was a midi length, so i jst chopped off..jst love how easily it turned out to be the lingerie inspired dresses thats been all over these days...And these bakers boots are jst so comfy that im wearing it with every outfit ...They are jst so versatile...i hope all my amazing lovelies are enjoying the warm weather and staying Fabolous..Thankx all.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

i see you

vintage coccon cardigan bought from ebay, vintage dress and thrifted shoes(DIYed the heels with glitters)
for some reason seriously even after taking classes for photography im still not being able to figure out why i take crappy pictures... i mean seriously the pictures jst dont come out good...i mean i generally take pictures for my blog with a help of a tripod myself and they dont turn out as i thought i jst get disheartened..nways im jst not good at electronics it takes me forever to learn abt them....beside my ranting and is pretty much the same.....dont you guys jst love my vintage cardigan..i got it a year ago frm ebay....jst love its shape and the back face on it...
Thank you all my lovelies once again for making me smile with ur comments and emails..

Monday, April 4, 2011

somewhere where there is darkness

vintage dress and blazer, thrifted faux fur
Maxi dresses has been such a staple in my wardrobe right now,,,well the weather is still not yet warm here in NY..i am loving wearing maxi dresses with my blazers and cardigan..and cant wait for the summer for jst to throw on a maxi dress on for the heat that is definitely coming soon on our way....ive jst realised how many maxi dresses ive attained for the past one year frm online shopping, ebay and definitely thrifting too....And definitely these beat up shoes are so comfy and makes me feel so CHIC!!
And without thanking all my lovelies all my posts are incomplete...
A Big thank you to u all guys..


Friday, April 1, 2011

breaking it down

i even dont know how i long i had this dress for...going through my closet i found this dress and loved the camel color but jst found this so to break down the one color i jst used my scarf as a belt....loved how it turned out..
i hope everyone is habing a lovely days..