Wednesday, August 29, 2012

One Day

bd75f7ef-2aa3-400f-b66a-fde492b4aa66 fe36171d-62f2-4f83-904b-d5131a78d477 f2890e60-65a4-4e2f-b086-ec5e847b69ad Forever21 dress,random vest,mango wedges,vintage bag &sunnies, My tee B.A.D necklace

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Color outburst

f14f2f91-f14d-4ea2-b97a-e3876c18901b f0776c77-e96d-437c-b38f-899dba53a632 25d51701-4a76-4a00-961c-f250284f81b9 27e49fe1-63cb-40f5-bc88-9de21d337936 Bob Mackie silk shirt VIA ebay,helmut lang heels,vintage bag and karen walker number one sunnies

Can I admit that i definitely looked like a colorful parrot..Not only me, my BFF totally agreed with this statement.. But i can totally justify it, I mean how can someone shy away from these gorgeous vibrant colors. NOT me for sure..This shirt is absolutely gorgeous, over sized and slouchy and that subtle silk fabric ..PERFECTION in my book in every manner..
So far ive realized that i tend to buy oversized tops and shirts which serves me as dresses..I mean HEY works for me.Thankx for my average asian height which i used to hate..Coz going thorough VOGUE seeing those tall ass models i always sighed i could be as tall as them..
HAve a fabolous weekend

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

EAsy Breezy

1cebadd3-f2f1-4a6e-846b-294e4dd061e3 a608dd7c-33e4-418d-9c88-99a8d09c56d4 Zara top, forever 21 shorts and thrifted verawang heels

An oversized top serves as a perfect slouchy dress, jst tuck in under the shorts and its PERFECTION>Very clean and hassle free...accessorize according and ur good to go.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Borrowing it from the men's

71340770-bc12-4f7b-9f2a-8d89bfe7fe9c 237a9bf2-867b-4e4c-8927-8d44ef084b5a Vintage slip,UO men's top , mango wedges and thrifted fedora hat

The whole outfit is the juxtaposition of  borrowing from the men's wardrobe with my love of vintage and lingerie wear. Here ive paired my gorgeous sexy vintage slip dress with a men's UO top which i grabbed it for mere $10 on their sale rack. The fedora hat adds  a lil of Dandiness to the whole look so to break it and add a touch of femininity these tan wedges does the magic.


Friday, August 10, 2012

bright floral

_MG_2070 _MG_2045 vintage shirt,zara floral shorts,Alexander Wang sandals and karen walker sunnies

 Brightening up the rainy NYC day with that insanely colorful and bright vintage shirt which has an amazing raglan/bat winged sleeves!! And even has these amazing pleated draped on the lower bodice where it forms into pockets!! i mean how effin cool is it..
Happy Weekend Everyone


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I see it backwards

d7486b71-2b2b-41e6-85f6-d58c23d43213 d8161bcd-78ad-48a8-9b9a-d4283a69d8fd 5cc2b449-c6e1-41f5-b0a1-c84373f6e227 fb803bbd-0c09-44b4-a9ba-8d605b11c1a0 Dress from some random boutique in upperwestside, vintage purse,Sneaker's borrowed from Sister's

This dress has been sitting in my closet for such a long time and was thinking how i can wear it differently..  I mean i love it, but all the details is in it the back of the dress. Yes i've worn this dress backwards this time , And i love how it looks...See HERE how it looks actually.
I mean a lil tweaking can take a long way.


Monday, August 6, 2012

i could make a wish right now

2349665c-9f53-466b-8570-31ed82b6a5f8 708492d0-ed55-4af8-b467-5124a59cfd17 6b9beb89-b4c0-4d13-a5ef-d590141d91be Gap tshirt,Ann taylor shorts, Dooney and bourke bag, stuart weizman heels and Fossils watch

Sorry for the crappy quality of the pictures, lately ive been taking pictures with Iphone as been too lazy to carry around the huge ass camera, which we all bloggers own.
smth Very casual to catch up with some frens on a weekend and added a touch of color with the bag and some heels to rock the nite out
Happy MONDAY peeps

Saturday, August 4, 2012

vintage shirt

385f0797-b375-425c-9f83-3c767270a625 d7822399-a090-427e-a470-60f0acee90ad 0243e5be-066e-4286-9e1f-00bb8ee516a2 c72cadee-bc2e-419d-a714-30c67909cc67 Vintage shirt,forever21 shorts, helmut lang heels, ankel cuffs from ebay

oh well stand a lil back, this might be one of those on your face bold print outfit!! i mean seriously isnt this amazing vintage shirt so glorious on its own way, the supple silk fabric, vibrant colors and bold pattern..Jst a PERFECT shirt to wear when you feel like you dont have anything special to wear.
Hope its a GREAT weekend

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Dancing in the city lights

09845afc-9bce-42c2-9fb9-ff2c8a6a394a 852f652f-f27b-4218-b47d-0add5dc4e6b5 60780727-a4d9-49ae-9086-55b357789445 16e50b43-d643-4a23-aa00-534e67810c7c Forever21 skirt,ann taylor shirt,alexander wang sandals,dooney and bourke bag

Easy breezy top and an old forever21 skirt for lounging in central park with some freinds and some food from Whole foods was definitely relaxing And than all the way downtown to east village for some drinks and yummy japanese food to end the night!
These A.Wang heels are definitely a keeper and im gonna wear them the whole summer as they are very comfy with a lil edge and bit of height.