Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The wind blows it all away

First of all so sorry abt crappy background for the pictures thats been going on for a while..I mean blogging is a full time job and its hard to gt someone to click pictures all the time and moreover i dont hab a photographer boy freind....So thats not gonna happen for me..So instead im jst working on my little skills i hab with photography and taking pictures in the backyard of my apt using my tripod and all my neighbours looking at me like wat da heck??!! But wat ever ..The girl has to do wat she has to....Enough of my blabbering i hop everyone is already habing a good Thankx giving preparation and celebration...Personally i dont celebrate Thankx giving but still today i wanna be thankful for life,For my family and freinds who hab been with me in ups and downs of my life and Yes To All my lovelies who hab been showering me with all ur love and support...Happy Thankx Giving..

P.S.. I entered my this picture on Chictopia for The Olsenboye Chic City Girl add as an Favorite if u like it..U could add me HERE

Monday, November 22, 2010

All that shines is not GOLD


Sorry for being such a Crappy blogger and being lost for a week now..WEll i would be definitely replying to all the comments and emails..AND yes for THE WINNER of my giveaway its EMILY from
Ruby Slipper Traveller
..Congrats doll..Ur package is already on ur way..hope u like it...And Well these days im doing experiment with the sunlights and the tripod..trying to get a hold of it so that i can post on regular basis..And Yes Yes Yes knee high socks has personally become my good friends this cold weather...
I hope you all lovelies are habing a wonderful weekday..
P.s. Thankx for ur love and ur comments

Monday, November 15, 2010

The Sun Rays feels like Kisses!!

Knee high socks,booties,Chunky knit scarf,shorts and a long Cardi ....Yes my uniform to school today....Hehe i jst love how knee high adds so much to a other wise bland outfit..The weather is definitely falling so its that time of the year to bundle up...But for today it is nice out and the sun feels warm....Hope everyone is habing a good day..
P.S Sorry for the grumpy pictures on the pictures...Its jst the sun on the face

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Why is it hard to let go things that doesnt even belong to you now

(vintage cardigan and skirt,Express tee,Steve Madden booties and vintage and random jewelry)
Sorry For such a retard Title for the post..Sometimes I jst cant help it..These emotions are jst crazy...Its been almost 2yrs i broke up with my X..but im still holding onto it and its jst hard...I think life is jst hard sometimes...Nways i hope all u lovelies are habing a good weekday....And thankx for bearing me with my emotional turmoil today...And definitely keep those comments and love coming..They cheer me up and make my day on gloomy days like today..
P.S Dont forget to enter my GIVEAWAY!!
P.P.S U guys are the best....

Monday, November 8, 2010

Im so lost without YOU

(Fur coat bought on ebay,Vintage shoes, Ann taylor pants,thrifted shirt, necklaces from nepal)

I hope everyone is habing a Gr88 weekday.The weather here in NY is dropping to 40s...These Fur i grabbed on ebay bidding during summer are amazingly warm...My whole outfit today was jst the shades of the falling trees and i thought it would be interesting to take photos in the park where the trees and leaves matches the shades of my outfit today..So i dragged my freind to Central park to help me get the pictures..Thankx Mirsa..U are the gr88 doll.. Well dont forget to enter my GIVEAWAY...One more thing well someone asked me if it was okay jst to follow me through google or either like me on facebook..I mean its okay if u do either one of them..
P.s... Once again THank you so so much LOVelies for all ur love..U guys are the best...LOts of love

Saturday, November 6, 2010

what lies behind those four walls

(vintage sweater and skirt,Thrifted shoes )
To celebrate my 50th Followers and all the support and love im getting..Im giving away this Vintage sweater...My first giveaway..All u need to do is follow me via Google and like me on Facebook ...Its even open to my International Followers...And the giveaway ends on the 20th of nov...
Vintage Black sweater
size small
55%silk,33%nylon,10%rabbit hair,2% lambwool
Such a Perfect sweater for the coming holiday festive..
P.s once again thank you so much for all my lovelies for ur love and support

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Lets pretend as if u were here

Vintage hat/jewelry,sunnies, Boots and sweater bought on ebay, random pant

Seriously i jst feel so Bland today, may be coz of the cold i think im getting back again..Nways i hope all u lovelies are having a good weekdays....And as always Thankx so much for stopping by and leaving comments and feedback, they definitely mean a lot to me..