Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Disaster

It was jst A crazy night...i would better say it was a disaster... it was my first halloween and it jst didnt turn out as i thought..I ended up coming home with a massive migrane and so pissed off...The fabric i bought was shorter than i thought it was, so i jst couldnt drape it..had to pin it all over,Secondly it was mad cold,I was freezing my ass off... luckily i decided so wear my fur coat....And lastly one of my friend was so drunk that he jst started driving everyone crazy...So the moral of my halloween story is im never dressing up again coz it jst pain in the ass and its jst not fun hanging out with freinds who get crazy drunk and drives u nuts..
I hope everyone had a Good Halloween..
xoxo Preity

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Say that U love me

IMG_3452UO shorts,Vintage cardigan and shirt,Max studio booties & Vintage and jewelry frm Nepal
Howz everyone's halloween preparation going on??!Well here in NY everyone is in halloween mood and its a halloween environment..Though its my 3rd year here in NY,me personally hab never dressed up or celebrated Halloween..In Nepal we never celebrate Halloween ,No costumes or anything..But this year i was thinking of making it different and dress up and hit some bar with some frens..Im still not sure..But nways Hope all u lovelies who do celebrate Hab a GOOD ONE>>
And THANKX again for all my lovelies for dropping by my blog and leaving me comments..It means so much to me..

Monday, October 25, 2010

I live in the world of my Dreams

Issey Miyake cardigan and skirt,Vinage granny pixie boots,Thrifted dress worn as top and vintage and random jewelry
I think we New yorkers still are habing a lilttle of good weather left before the cold weather hits us.According to the weather forecast the whole weaek is gonna be Gorgeous..The skirt im wearing is the one frm the lot of clothes handed down to me by my X's the drapes on the side..I feel like its a piece of art..The fabric looks pretty thick but actually its very soft and light..Love it..And Yes THANK YOU so much for all the lovelies whos been visiting my blog and leaving me comments..They really really mean a lot...

Thursday, October 21, 2010

I will always wait for you

Vintage dress &bag,Random blazer,Steve madden shoes,Chunky handknit scarf from Nepal ,Thrifted men's hat

Hello lovelies First of all thank you so much for dropping by and leaving me comments.It really does mean a lot..Well i feel much better now ,so went out dinner with some good freinds and had some udon and sake..Yeah i do feel better but still scared of getting cold again so wrapped up myself with as much clothes as i could..I look like a wrapped up doll..Hehehe..This hat i thrifted couple of weeks ago and im already wearing it to death...REally an awesome Hat i got for less than $10..YEAH!! Hope u guys are habing a good weekday...

Friday, October 15, 2010

Dark nights with shining stars...

IMG_2880 vintage levi's jeans,rings and Bustier, selfmade necklace
I hab been sick for more than a week now...Its jst not fun...I was so bored to death the whole day today so i jst thought i would take my own outfit pictures as there was noone in home who would help to take them..Working with tripod was funny ..Nways it was better than jst lazying around at home and feeling sick..But may be my neighnours might think i was going crazy as some were peeping when i took these pictures in the dead end of the neighbour hood..I mean i think the pictures turned out much better than i expected..hopefull i feel better by the end of this week...You all LOVELIES take care and HAB a WONDERFUL WEEKEND.

Monday, October 11, 2010

All the pretty things...

4 copy
2 copy
Jst some shots from the phootshoot i did for my frens' portfolio.Lately not feeling well . i think feeling under the weather.Well i hope u all are feeling awesome and habing a wonderful weekday.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Layer Them UP

(Levi's cutoffs, Thrifted dress worn as trench, vintage boots and hat)
It already feels like winter now..It rained whole day again but i loved it coz i had the chance to layer up for fall.THEse Grey cardigan is Issey MIyake' of my beloved thing in my closet...It was handed down to me by my x's boss..She was such a sweetheart..GOD bless her SOUl...The whole layer up thing felt so to spice it up i wore these laced bra on top of the uniqlo heatTech ..Kinda felt weired but still...
I hope all of u had a wonderful weekend...