Friday, December 31, 2010

YAY its 2011

Jst wanna wish u all lovelies A happy new year 2011

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

All snow out!!

uniqlo pants, vintage shirt and fur coat, cole hann boots

Streets of Ny is such a big mess coz of the snow this weekend..the snow is still pilled up on the sidewalks and its slippery and mushy and nasty..aww how much i hate it...When u hab to walk to get to subways and busses...Well hopefully eveyone out there is enjoying and staying warm ....Im super excited for tommorow coz my best fren is gonna be here for a week..And yes hes my super Santa coz he got me a dslr..yippie...Ok lovelies enough of my ranting..

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas suit

(vintage velvet dress, steve madden shoes)
This amazing vintage velvet dress is so ladylike,sexy and feminine .....i jst wanted to make it more me and alil edgier so jst added my fav fedora how the whole thing came of my fren is celebrating his post Bday party tonite so jst going out for dinner. And this is what i am wearing but ofcourse with my Fur coat to keep me warm...I hope u all Lovelies are habing nice CHRIRSTMAS>>>>Definitely checking out ur blogs to see the christmas pictures ......BUt for now i gotta go....And im definitely getting back all the comments and emails i got when this weekend is over..Till than AMAZING CHRISTMAS AND FAB WEEKEND..

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I am my OWN Sunshine

(vintage wool coat, Thrifted lace skirt, cole hann boots)
I am so waiting for 2011..Seriously this year has not that good for me at all.I hab lost my ph three times in a row..And YES today i lost my phone again...Its a Bummer!! Well i think this time i will hab to get my phone insured. Beside it, no school for a week...I dont celebrate Christmas but im happy its CHRISTMAS week....The city looks so pretty and it jst the vibe and the festive season ...loving it....I Wish u all lovelies A MERRY CHRISTMAS and hope our fashion SANTA CLAUSE get us the things we all hab in our wish list (jc LITA ..yes please!!)

Monday, December 20, 2010

Life gives u second chance and im definitely grabbing it


HEy its me!! i know!! IM still alive its jst life is still caught up in crazy whirlpool .....DEfinitely working my ass off to get it into the right track..sorry for being a crappy blogger....WEll Weather is driving me nuts and its mad cold....So i jst got bored and took these random pictures...JSt saying HIE to all my LOVELIES and wanted to let u know im still here and im definitely gonna be back soon and better once my school is done..I hope u guys are habing amazing holiday...HEY Christmas week..MERRY CHRISTMAS!!
P.S YAY i got 100+ followers..Thankx for all ur love and support..

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Drifting away in OUR beautiful dream!!

(vintage top,skirt and belt, Selfmade Necklace )

Jst wanted to share the necklace i made this weekend..instead of working on my portfolio i spent more than two hours working on this necklace...made holes in my fingers but hey it was worth it..loved how they turned out..I hope u guys had an awesome weekend..Im off to long hour of working on my school works now..

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Theres nth i could think abt now!!

(vintage sweater and skirt. sister's ray ban glasses)

I bought this sweater last year from ebay..its gorgeous i mean all the gold details on it but the weird part is it has a slouchy fit, a deep neckline and the bottom part is tight..i mean it is hard to wear it right today i jst wore it BACKWARDS, draped it on one side and belted it..i think it worked...Today was so cold and windy and while taking pictures..i froze my ass off and the wind knocked off my tripod..Wat a Bummer...I mean for now im using my canon point and shoot camera but this Christmas im getting Canon dslr but still deciding which exactly to get..ANY SUGGESTIONS?? and yes most important a very strong tripod which will hold and easily doesnt get knocked off by the wind.....Coz i dont want my camera lens to get dents like the one i had in my camera today.. i Hope all u lovelies are habing a good weekday .
P.s. I want to thank all my lovelies for showering me so much love and support ...Aww u guys are the BEST
P.P.s..i went looking like a hot babe frm the previous post to a slouchy granny in this post...OOPSIE its my mood that affects my fashion style...

Monday, December 6, 2010

Lets Get down to Business

(thriftred blazer worn as dress,Steve madden shoes,vintage clutch)

Friday, December 3, 2010

Wish i could say u mine once again

(vintage levis jeans, Random sweater, Thrifted coat, dolce vita wedges, old club monaco gloves & necklace frm Nepal)
This is what i wore to get dinner at a frens house....The weather is getting harsh every this coat which i thrifted a couple of months it dry cleaned and was perfect to tackle the cold outside..Today i got an amazing letter from some fellow blogger and it made my day..I mean all these love and support i get from all you lovelies make me blog and im very passionate abt it...lots of love to all the lovelies who support me and all questions, suggestions are always welcomed...Hope everyone is staying warm and habing a good weekend..

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A warm Bear Hug!!

(men's thermal as dress,mango shoes,random tights and over the knee socks,fur coat bought frm ebay)

Feels like i havent blogged for so long, well i know its been more than a week..lately jst been busting on my ass working on my portfolio for the first year.Other than that the weather here in NY is windy and freezing.My this fuzzy coat is the best thing in my closet that keeps me super warm...AWW how much i love this coat.....I hope all u lovelies are habing a good weekday and THANKX so much for all ur lovely comments and love..U guys are the best..