Monday, May 21, 2012

look my hair is floating in the air

photo photovintage dress, sequined jacket and bag, rayban aviators, shoes from Daffy's

God i need to do smth with my hair, they are growing out of control..And im tired of my ombre hair. I still want to go platinium white and chop it off till shoulder lenght. but im being a chicken here!! Im so used to my long hair and thinking of going short kinda weirds me out!! But seriously guys i need a change and more important i need to find a great stylist who can do magic and deliver what i want it..Coz finding a great stylist is kinda hard and the one i went to last time was really not that good!! so this time around i want someone who can actually give the color i want without any excuses..
And anyone who lives in NYC and knows a great one. please do leave me message..
Thankx guys, u all are AMAZING!!

much love


  1. I love it and that dress is awesome!

    NRC ♥

  2. Awesome photos ♥
    I'm in love with your dress !

  3. such a beautiful it!

  4. Love your dress! I think you should try cutting it, sounds like it'd be so cool!

    xx maggie

  5. Got my hair short a month ago, and can only tell you, that sometimes you just need to be brave for a second and wait for the result! I'm very happy about my short hair :)
    I love that dress, by the way! So wavy :)

  6. I just came across your blog today and well I must say I loved it.
    Agreed! Change is an amazing way to feel new and it make you rejuvenated in all the good ways.
    Regardless your omber hair is amazing.


  7. I actually really love your hair. I'm being a chicken about colouring mine ombre.

  8. Your hair is lovely! I'm going to ombre mine up again soon, I miss it!
    I like your skirt too.
    Thanks for following me by the way! I'm now following you back :)
    Grace xo

  9. A mi me parece bonito tu cabello.:3

  10. You look so gorgous! The whole outfit is perfect :) lovely blog by the way xx

  11. Gorgeous outfit and I love your hair!<3

  12. Oh... I love your hair...your cute face :P
    and your style , love love your outfit you look gorgeous.....
    lots of love from Nepal <3
    tc :)