Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Heels And Hat!!! P.S Bad pictures!! :(((


i kinda look funny here, but cant figure out why??!!

was tellin my freind that i was not ready for the picture, but i kinda like this now

peek A boo
(mango shoes, Vintage silk skirt, Vintage hat & rings, Express tshirt)

I definitely need to buy a good camera now...Sorry for the bad pictures today. This is wat i wore today to go to the MET to see the costume exhibition with some of my frens. The exhibit was a disappointment. i mean the clothes were breathtaking awesome but i expected more..i mean more clothes it was so few...and guess what the big bummer??!! they don't let u take pictures!!
But also in the end it was a good day went to watch INCEPTION(ITS AN AWESOME MOVIE) and than RAMEN for dinner!!
Thank You To all Of my Awesome readers once again for dropping by and leaving comments..


  1. i love the color of your shoes! and the color in your skirt
    cute outfit!

  2. Your outfit is beautiful. I love the shoes and the hat adds a nice touch to the whole thing ;-)

  3. very pretty, i just love the whole outfit! i really like what you did to your belt in particular.